Grant's vintage electronics kit collection

Grant's vintage electronics kit collection

Possibly the earliest electronics construction kit. The supplied circuits are all radio based, and consist of receivers and transmitters.
The box is all cardboard with cut-outs for the components. The baseboard is made of hardboard with a grid of holes drilled in it. The seven circuits are printed on paper which has punched holes in it to line up with the holes on the board. These holes are used to hold the components in place by pushing component carriers into the holes to hold them securely.
Each component is securely mounted on a plastic carrier with the component wires soldered to two or more spring clips. These can be pressed down to allow a wire to be inserted. The clip is then released to hold the wire.
The circuits are printed on the paper overlays along with component placement. The supplied manual is a thin booklet starting off with construction basics, followed by a short description of each circuit.
The tuning is achieved using a fixed value capacitor but sliding a core in or out of the tuning coil.

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