The Instrument consists of :-

1. Four Digital Meters DC Volt and Current Meter.

2. DC Power Supply 12V Regulated, 5V Regulated, 0-10V Variable, 0-5V Variable.

3. One Step Down Transformer (9-0-9V).

4. Five Potentiometers (330W, 1K, 4.7K, 10K, 47K).

5. One PNP Transistor CK-100 and one NPN Transistor CL-100.

6. One FET BFW10.

7. +5V Regulator IC 7805.

8. Different types of diodes (In4007, Oa79, 6V Zener).

9. 34 Resistance of Different Values.

10.Six Capacitors of Different Values.

“CROWN” made Analog Electronics Lab Trainer. The instrument has been designed to :

1. Study of HalfWave Rectifier.

2. Study of FullWave Rectifier.

3. Study of Bridge Rectifier.

4. Study of Shunt Capacitor Filter.

5. Study of Regulated Power Supply using Zener Diode.

6. Study of Series and Shunt Regulators.

7. Study of Regulated Power Supply using Voltage Regulator IC 7805.

8. Study of PN Junction Diode Characteristics.

9. Study of Zener Diode Characteristics.

10. Study of Transistor Characteristics.

11. Study of FET Characteristics.

12. Verification of K.V.L. and K.C.L.

13. Verification of Ohm’s Law.

14. Study of Common Emitter Amplifier.

15. Study of Common Base Amplifier.

16. Study of Common Collector Amplifier.

17. Study of Transistor Biasing Circuits.

18. Two port T and TT n/w Analysis.

19. Verification of Thevenin Theorem.

20. Verification of Norton Theorem.

21. Verification of Maximum Power Transfer Theorem.

22. Verification of Superposition Theorem.

23. Verification of Reciprocity Theorem.

24. Study of Low Pass Filter.

25. Study of High Pass Filter.

26. Study of Band Pass Filter.

27. Study of Band Stop Filter.

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